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Farmers interested to install the solar pump with tube well or without tube well have to send application to the agricultural engineering department. Each application must be provided with following revenue documents (duly attested by the Revenue authorities):- Far
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Each year the department will reclaim over 2000 hectares (5000 acres) culturable waste land. An average the department has a capacity to drill 20-30 tube wells per annum. The department intends to install 100-150 Sol
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Reclamation and development of culturable waste for improving its productivity, increasing crop production and increasing percentage of cultivated area. Augmentation of irrigation water supplies by installation of Tube -wells/Dug- wells.
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Agriculture land has a vital role in Agriculture sector. It includes all natural resources that we get from air, water and Sun. It is also the basis for many life support systems, through production of biomass that provides food, fodder, fiber, fuel, timber and other biotic materials for human use, either directly or through animal husban
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During the year 1954, the Agriculture Department initiated a Project for “Reclamation and Development of Land and Provision of Machinery for augmenting irrigation water supplies in N.W.F.P”. This project subsequently led to the creation of Agricultural Engineering Organization initially as part of the A
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Indeed it is a great honor and privileged for me to share few words. Agriculture employing above 40 percent of the labour force and contributing more than 20 percent to provincial GDP, is one of the key drivers of growth and an excellent opportunity to practice the diversification into areas with comparative advantages of climate. The role of Ag
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